Advice on building your team, navigating your career, and bringing the best version of yourself, your department, and your organization.

Bring the Best Version of You to Work EVERYDAY

The front lines are the life-blood of your credit union and if you work on the front lines, you’ve been presented with an opportunity that you may not even know you’ve been given. You have the chance to stand out and become a rock star and make an impact that directly affects your credit union’s bottom line. But spending time on the front lines can get frustrating when those around you aren’t pulling their weight or you’re the only one that is cross selling. It’s easy to become negative, complacent and participate in the constant complaining that goes on around you.
We’ve all been there!
Remember this. You are the person solely responsible for determining your worth to your team and your credit union. You spend your time focused on you and every transaction you perform. But your energy can also be spent on becoming the difference maker for your credit union. You don’t need a title to be a leader. Lead by your actions and by bringing the best of you to work everyday.
Start with these top nine steps to make a difference in your career and in your credit union:
1.      Be positive! Don’t participate in office nonsense, you’re better than that
2.     Cross sell. Build relationships and make money. That gets you noticed because numbers matter.
3.      Be knowledgeable. Know the products and services, use the services, and ask questions.
4.      Share your knowledge. Create a learning environment and share your knowledge and resources with others.
5.      Take one step at a time. Focus on you and the big picture. Chart the course for your future and career.
6.      Be ambitious. Take the extra projects, work harder, and don’t complain about it.
7.      It’s not fair. It won’t be. Life isn’t. Get over it.
8.      Track your wins. Talk about your plans, your goals, and your accomplishments so your manager knows you’re dedicated.
9.      Get excited. Excitement and energy are contagious. People will want to be in your presence.
Your job can be more than a job, but it’s all in your hands. I’m a big believer in the philosophy that you get what you give. If you’re working at making mediocre the mainstay, you aren’t going to be getting anywhere. The bad news is that complacency and mediocrity are killing the credit union industry, but the good news is that makes it even easier to be a rock star. Start being one day.