Leadership Development

A strong leadership team is the difference between a successful credit union and a mediocre one. Over the years the expectations have changed and the skills and abilities needed to lead a team and coach for success may be lacking. Our consultants have a history of helping development leadership through engaging workshops and training sessions. 

Topics Include:

  • Big Picture Thinking
  • From Management to Leadership
  • Driving Front Line Performance Through Motivation and Morale
  • Creating a "Find a Way to Say YES to Business" Culture
  • Handling Difficult Conversations
  • Coaching for Improved Performance and Increased Cross Sales

Our team provides on-site customized training sessions for your management team to help move your credit union forward.


Our consulting team works with your board to ensure strong board governance and big picture thinking. If your board of directors is focusing their time on unimportant topics or isn't able to grasp the environment that you are competing in, our team is available to help increase awareness and bring in a new fresh perspective of industry best practices. 

One on one coaching sessions to help