As a board it's difficult to know if you have strong internal and external controls are keeping your credit union safe and secure. In addition, it makes sense to hire a consulting agency to come in and make sure that your credit union is operating with credit union best practices and with maximum stability. Our team of financial industry experts have a three step process to access current credit union operations and strategies, recommend changes, help implement those agreed upon changes and if needed, help you search for the right person to fill the role of CEO. 

Pricing depends on the extent to which you want our help or want to implement changes yourselves. Call us for more information. 




"The CU Innovate consulting team has helped us increase our ROA almost .50 and quadrupled our earning. I saw a huge immediate impact on our bottom line and we are competing at the same level as our peers. ”

— Linda at
SOO COOP Credit Union

Thank you isn't enough!

“This group is extremely knowledgeable and I can truly say that they care about our credit union and helping us not only perform well but exceed our expectations. Thank you isn't enough”

— Linda Hughey at
Harbor Light Credit Union.

Profitability made easy!

“We have struggled for years to make changes and keep up with our industry. Our size has made it difficult to compete with other credit unions but CU Innovate made it easy. This is truly a no brainer.”

— Janet Thompson at
Village Community Credit Union


Impact Statements